Batching Plant:

Our Batching Plant is equipped with two fully computerized pan mixers that separate aggregate bins and spare bins. Chilled water supply provision is also available for hot weather concreting. Batching plant scales are periodically calibrated.


Concrete from the batching plant is transported by means of 3 concrete cars travelling on the magnetic monorail to the production halls by discharging at three (3) fixed points. Concrete from these discharge points is transported by buckets using overhead cranes to pouring points in different moulds. In case of emergency, when the concrete cars are not operational, forklift/transit mixers are used to convey concrete from batching plant to the different production halls. 


We have accelerated heat curing facility using both steam and circulated heated oil from central boilers.


Storage yard has provision for horizontal and vertical stacking of produced precast concrete elements. Produced elements are transported by means of trailers to store under the gantry cranes before dispatching to sites.


It is equipped with three (3) cube crushing machines, oven, weighing balances, sieves, concrete workability measuring equipment and chemical analysis apparatus etc. to perform different types of quality control tests.

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