Public Authority for Applied Education & Training (PAAET)

[Contract No. PA/AFA/72-2008/2009]

Construction & Maintenance of General Education & Students Services Building for PAEET

(KD/-) 77,597,114.000

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Ministry Of Public Work

[Contract No. SPA / 224]

Construction, Completion & Maintenance of General Directorate of Criminal Investigation Building

(KD/-) 36,377,000.000

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Public Authority for Housing Welfare

[Contract No. PAHW/1000/2014-2015

Construction, Completion & Maintenance of Transformer Station (233 Nos. four Transformer & 4 Nos. Two Transformer Station at East of Abdullah Mubarak Project 

(KD/-) 3,400,000.000

Public Authority for Housing Welfare

[Contract No. PAHW/1159 - 2018/2019

Construction, Completion & Maintenance of Public Buildings in Al Mutla'a Residential Area - for District (N10)

(KD/-) 31,792,542.000

Public Authority for Housing Welfare

[Contract No. PAHW/C/1404 - 2019/2020

Construction, completion, and maintenance of (5) NOS Ground Tanks 500,000 Gallon Capacity and (2) NOS Ground Tanks of 250,000 Gallon Capacity for Arrigation and (6) Groundwater wells - West Abdulla Al-Mubarak City

(KD/-) 4,480,000.000

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